The best (and only) seat in the house…

Our temporary little home is filling up fast with thriftshop finds and Craigslist bargins!

We have so much in it right now including the our boxes from our shipment that finally arrived, that there is barely space to even sit! Moving day to our new apartment is fast approaching so I am  trying to keep it all in the boxes and organised – hardwork when you havent seen your things for 2 months! I just had to dig out a few of my favourite cookbooks but sadly couldn’t find my sewing machine yet (sniff sniff). I know its in there somewhere waiting for me!

For now I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time sat up at the breakfast bar hunting for all these bargins…which leads me on to share the project I finished yesterday before I burst with excitement! These four matching bar stools from Craigslist were my very first find and only cost me $30! Check out the before shot…

lolasinteriorcreations- please say where you found me!

Drumroll please for the finished masterpiece…..

lolasinteriorcreations- please say where you found me!

lolasinteriorscreations- please say where you found me!

What do you think?! I’m loving the transformation! It was my first big spray painting project and I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself! There will be so much more to come as we settle in- I will be keeping you all posted!

Have a creative evening!


A resolution for renovations…

Instead of making resolutions at NYE, I make mine on my birthday – which was last week. One of my resolutions for this year was to spend less on home items and do more DIY! Now we are out of the Middle East it will be much easier and affordable to do so and I am really looking forward to crafting again.

Back to work!


I’ve begun redesigning our new home (best part about moving hands down!) and thought about all the lovely things I can source and customise. It’s another rental property so once again we are limited to what is allowed but I have some great ideas up my sleeve – can’t wait to begin!

Cupcakes and birthday mail

lolasinteriorcreations -please say where you found me!

Check out my birthday cupcakes! Do you like the plate? They were my latest thrift shop find (the plates not the cake!). I got so excited by all the things they had, Mr. S practically had to tape my hands to my sides so I wouldn’t pick everything up (insert child in a sweet shop image here). For a smallish town there are a good amount of shops filled with second hand bargins! Our home is pretty empty right now as the shipment hasn’t arrived, so these bits and bobs we’ve found have helped cheer it up.

Stick wreath

lolasinteriorcreations -please say where you found me!

This was a post Christmas find. I removed the festive fabric wrapped around it so now the wreath can be displayed all year. I think it’s lovely as it is simply hanging on a door knob – until I can find a hook for the wall anyway!

lolasinteriorcreations- please say where you found me!

I picked up these wooden frames for next to nothing. They have real glass panels and solid wood frames which are easy to spruce up! I’m going to paint some gold and some white. We have so many pictures and photos waiting for a frame, one of which is this pretty envelope from Jim Thompson (during my Thailand travels).

lolasinteriorcreations -please say where you found me!

I intend to use one of my gold painted frames and a navy or black background- a perfect addition to the living room!

Perfume platter

lolasinteriorcreations -please say where you found me!

I saw this idea once whilst browsing Pinterest; take a really lovely round tray or platter and stash all your nice perfume bottles on display. I’ve put mine on the side board in the bedroom. I think in it’s past life it served beers in a pub but it was obviously meant to spend retirement with me!

Lastly I want to leave you with this beautiful view I came home to the other evening… which might also be frame worthy – isn’t it wonderful!

lolasinteriorcreations -please say where you found me!

Have a creative evening!


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