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I am a British born Interior Designer, currently within a construction company in the Middle East. I could say this is my day job, but only according to the hours; Interior Design is about my all day, everyday! What little time I have out of the office I put into making a wonderful home, which I share with Mr S and our two cats. All three tolerate my messy, creative and quirky ways to which I am extremely grateful.

Lola is not my real name, as those of you who know me already sussed…but my creative alias.

I set up this blog to record all the wonderful things I see that I would usually photograph or scribble all over a sketchbook. This way seems more organised, recorded and shares things I am proud of.

Follow my thoughts, findings and creative journeys to come…all around the globe!



About Lola's Interior Creations™

Designer by day, blogger by night...about what I do, what I see and what I make. Welcome to Lola's Interior Creations blog!

Please post a creative reply below!

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