A Thursday night Souq trip…

On the way home from work we decided to make a stop at the Souq (Arabic market) in Muharraq…managed to squeeze down the narrow traffic clogged streets and found a space to park before the real rush. It is almost a door to door process tonight; its a typical 40°C and 85% humidity….!

Tonight’s Quest: Fabrics and Haberdashery shops

Fabrics galore…

These ladies drive a hard bargain…

Better than a sweet shop…

After buying up half the shop of one bemused haberdasher, I have now replenished my velvet ribbon and bead stocks. I also selected a variety of high quality chiffon fabrics from my favourite (dress) fabric shop in Bahrain – Safa Textiles (+973 17344991). They will do you a good discount if you can speak Hindi..!

More to come on what will be made from the chiffon…

Have a creative evening!



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One response to “A Thursday night Souq trip…

  1. Sid

    Congrats on the Start of your blog.. Good Luck! and i hope the rest of us can catch a glimpse of creativity through your eyes..


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