A think pink homewear parade…

October means Breast Cancer awareness so pull out of your pink things to show you are supporting this good cause! Many activities are underway in Bahrain this month some of which include a think pink golf day, various fitness events, gala dinners, a Harley Davidson think pink motorbike ride and an International costume parade.

I thought about what I could do to help raise awareness with the use of my blog. Even if I can send out a message to just one reader it is making a difference. So, to play my part in this campaign (and considering the subject of my blog) I chose to find as many local home interior items as I could  that were – yes you guessed it…


I was honestly surprised and pleased to hear that a small country like Bahrain is getting so involved and heightening awareness.  Bahrain seems quite liberal about international awareness yet, as it keeps its Islamic faith strong, not everything is openly discussed – especially when the topic involves the female anatomy. I believe this to be worrying as awareness is key to saving lives, no matter where in the world you live.

To find out more about what Bahrain is going for this great cause for 2012 visit:


Here are a selection of the best… including the shop names that I snapped these in (sorry to those living outside the ME but your Google-ing skills will help here). Enjoy!

Beautiful artifical flowers and candles- Artikel, Jawad Dome

Bugatti Diva Pink Coffee Machine- Artikle, Jawad Dome

Pretty tablewear- Artikle, Jawad Dome

Outdoor lounging cushions- Artikle, Jawad Dome

Bold patterned cushions (various designs)- Home basics, Seef (next to Le Chocolat)

Mix and match fabric footstools and poufs – ID Design, Amwaj and Budaiya

Spotty cutlery- Artikle, Jawad Dome

China mugs- Marks and Spencers, Seef Mall

  Le Cafetiere – Rainbow range, pastel pink – Artikle, Jawad Dome

So show your support this October!

Have a creative evening!



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