A creative crafts to-do list…

It seems that I am in trouble at home again because I have been storing up craft materials by the box load! There is a planned idea for each (obviously) but I have not got round to completing – alright – starting all of them.

As I refuse for my magpie habits to be seen as a negative fault of my creative personality, this is what I plan to do about it; publicly share my to-do list, increasing my motivation to complete it. So from now on I will be blogging my progress of these projects from time to time. For now here is the latest…


1. Cushions

The annual American Women Association’s Snowflake Fair is coming up next month and I managed to book myself a table. Everything should be handmade so I will be selling cushion covers- a clever use for the off cut fabrics I have accumulated from my showroom days…

so I need to get busy stitching!!

2. Mosaics

One of the plus sides to working in a construction company is that it is fairly easy to get your hands on ex-stock materials. This bucket load of mosaic tiles I picked up is begging me to turn them into something beautiful. I do have a few ideas up my sleeve but it requires time; I wanted to have these ready for the Snowflake fair but I think I have enough on my plate with all the cushion covers..!

3. Fabric pictures

This is the only project in my list that I have proudly completed but I thought it appropriate to share it here. Modeled in our garden!

This is another creation using discontinued fabric cut from a sample book- I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly which brand, I think it was Robert Allen. I selected my favourites and then found really cheap wood frames with glass inserts from the supermarket (Géant). The original white colour was what I wanted but I could have painted them if necessary. I then simply trimmed to fit and put the frame back together. The only thing left to do is put them up on the wall… so next on the list: 4. DIY !

5. Fabric to Tailors

A while back I mentioned that I bought lots of lovely fabrics from the Souq. Yes, I have to admit they are still sitting in a (neat) pile on my sewing table. If I did have free time and was very very good at sewing clothes I would tailor the garments myself…but that is not going to happen. So I am going to call on my trusty Thai tailor who will put them together for me based on my drawings. When complete, of course I will put on display!

6. Photos of Old Muharraq

A while ago I promised to show some photos of when we visited the old houses of Muharraq; see next post!

Have a creative evening!



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