The best (and only) seat in the house…

Our temporary little home is filling up fast with thriftshop finds and Craigslist bargins!

We have so much in it right now including the our boxes from our shipment that finally arrived, that there is barely space to even sit! Moving day to our new apartment is fast approaching so I am  trying to keep it all in the boxes and organised – hardwork when you havent seen your things for 2 months! I just had to dig out a few of my favourite cookbooks but sadly couldn’t find my sewing machine yet (sniff sniff). I know its in there somewhere waiting for me!

For now I’m spending an unhealthy amount of time sat up at the breakfast bar hunting for all these bargins…which leads me on to share the project I finished yesterday before I burst with excitement! These four matching bar stools from Craigslist were my very first find and only cost me $30! Check out the before shot…

lolasinteriorcreations- please say where you found me!

Drumroll please for the finished masterpiece…..

lolasinteriorcreations- please say where you found me!

lolasinteriorscreations- please say where you found me!

What do you think?! I’m loving the transformation! It was my first big spray painting project and I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself! There will be so much more to come as we settle in- I will be keeping you all posted!

Have a creative evening!



A sunny snowflake fair…

It has been a really busy few weeks since I last posted – my apologies all. However, I do have some great things to share with you…

A wonderful, but admittedly exhausting, day of Christmas crafts and gifts at the AWA (American Women’s Association) Snowflake Fair went down with success. My first ever fair I have sold at and something really worth while doing. My cushion covers were all finished in time and made their debut displayed across my table.

So proud!

Tempting buyers with Christmas cookies…

Handmade and iced

Quite a lucky lady today as not only did Mr S play my trusty assistant, he bought me this beautiful ring from the stall next to us which I had my eye on from the start!

The stall owner’s husband is Pakistani and when he returns on business he brings back wonderful pieces for her to sell. They are made by a talented craftsman and it seems to be really taking off- her stall was pretty busy! The collection specialises in gold plated jewelry with a very distinctive design. She doesn’t have a website yet and is selling at Bahrain fairs to see how it all takes off.

During a quiet spell in the afternoon and leaving Mr S in charge, (hes a pretty good seller by the way!) I went for a wander and found so many lovely stalls. Another clever craftswoman was also selling handmade jewelry (designed and produced by herself) among of which I found these mouthwatering must haves…

I wasted no time in snapping these beauties up , not to mention they were only 9 BD! The talented woman was Nissrine and the shop is located in the Yateem Centre (ground floor) tel- +973 33139820

So back to my stall; I was happy because my fabrics were pretty unique to the Island and no one else had anything similar  The only downside I faced was that the patterns seemed less popular with locals than expats, but I suspected this would be the case. All in all it was a good sale and I have enough stock left for the next fair coming up. It’s hard to get festive in the sunny desert but this certainly started up the mood for the festive season!

Enough tasty treats for one sitting…see part two tomorrow : )

Have a creative evening!


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